How to Effectively Use Machine Translation Post Editing Method?

Machine translation services

Machine translation has been present for a very long time. Though human translators are famous for providing accurate content, with this new method, the machine translation post editing (MTPE) method, it is easy to translate content in the local language while human editors make it sound original. Rather it contains a human touch. So isn’t it better to save your time and translate a large chunk of material?

Difference Between Machine Translation and Machine Translation Post Editing

From the name, it suggests that this type of translation is provided by certain machine tools. These tools provide automated translation through which conversion from source language to target language is performed without human aid. Users enter data into machine translation tools and the product, translated text, comes forward. Also known as machine generated translation, it is performed via machines.

On the other hand, machine translation post editing (MTPE) is the process that occurs after machine translation. When the machine translated text is edited by humans it is known as MTPE. This process is cost-effective and saves a lot of time. A machine translated post edited text contains the speed of machine translation and the precision of humans. Editors review and fix the generic voice of the words which is a result of machine translation. The whole purpose of MTPE is to produce content in the target language at a fast pace and with accurate translation.

Translation agencies are responsible for the successful development of both above mentioned services.

Complete Grasp on LPE and FPE

Before going for MTPE, it is better to know the basic types of MTPE. Machine translation post editing services provided by various organizations focus on LPE and FPE. LPE stands for Light Post Editing whereas FPE stands for Full Post Editing. LPE focuses on non-publishable content and checks for smaller mistakes such as incorrect words or spelling mistakes. On the other hand, FPE goes into a detailed edit to keep the brand voice as same as possible. FPE is for publishable content.

LPE delves into the translation of those documents that often stay inside the industry. These internal documents are technical ones due to which you don’t put much effort in making it consistent with your brand image. Sometimes businesses even translate some of the content with machine translation services to reduce costs.

Effective Use of Machine Translation Post Editing Method

Recently there has been a drastic use of MTPE. The motive for using MTPE is to translate a greater amount of text into the target language in a short period of time. Hence with accuracy and excellence, the text becomes local for the target audience. By using LPE and FPE, the feel and intent of the message remain constant. Post editing is necessary to make the content culturally and linguistically coherent with the target audience.

Division of the Text

It is not necessary that the whole text requires translation. It can happen that some part of the text shows some accurate figures that only need machine translation service. While some other parts require translation with a human touch. It is the best place to use MTPE where editors can edit and fix the content and make it look original.

Learn About the Target Audience

The most effective use of MTPE is by knowing your audience. It helps the editors know what type of content they must put forward.

The Use of LPE and FPE

For machine translation post editing services, it is necessary to know about the guidelines that your client put forward. If an industry wants to make its mark in the global world, it will most likely want the text to be human edited. It is to make their content localized for the target audience.

Verify For Clarity

There are a number of ways to verify text translations for clarity as well as quality. It is an editor’s task to make sure that the end product is free of error so that the target audience can understand it. Also, make sure to use the right translation management system so that it is easy to manage the whole process in one interface.

Cleaning the Source Text

Translation agencies are there to provide either machine translation or translation services by humans. Before going for MTPE make sure that the source text doesn’t contain any mistakes. Sometimes it also happens that the input data, source text, contains some error. These errors can cause mistakes in the translated text.


Machine translations speed up the process of translation. Human editors fix that text and ensure accuracy. This process speeds up translation through which a significant amount of text is translated into the target language in no time. Editors are in charge of making the text accurate and resonate with the target audience. According to the text and the target audience, LPE and FPE are used.

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