Plan the most special Raksha Bandhan for your brother

Raksha Bandhan is a beautiful festival that celebrates the love amongst brother and sister and their bond that cannot be broken ever they both stands the test of time supporting each other and being there for each other even when nobody in their family might have supported them similarly the brothers on rakhi deserve to feel not just special but also that their sister is also there for them to protect them whenever they need it it is not just about brothers protecting and making sure that their sisters support their brothers in every decision that they are taking as long as it is correct and for their good. There are many things that you can do to make your brother feel special, a few of them are listed below- 

  1. Cook sweets for him 

We know that Rakhi is famous for round balls made out of fried chickpea flour known as laddu and we formerly call them Boondi laddu. So if you are willing to make your brother feel special you can make these laddoos for him and in fact not just boondi but you can make different types of sweets like kaju katli, halkawa, nariyal laddu, dates laddu, cookies, cakes. Basically things that make him feel special and he loves to eat them. 

  1. Talk about your life 

If you are having any problems that you cannot share with anybody else in this world then you can share that with your dearest brother because he’s the one who will guide you properly and most support your ideas likewise as a brother also you shouldn’t be shy enough to share things with your sister. After all she is as equal as you are and knows what is the best for him. You can also write a letter like the older times to your dearest brother, sending beautiful flowers alongside your rakhi. 

  1. Go on trip

Of course everybody loves to celebrate rakhi in the traditional way but another amazing way to celebrate it is by going on a trip. So plan everything in advance for your dearest brother and make sure that he has a holiday during Rakhi and you are good to go. You can go to nearby places, maybe a beach or a lake or even amusement parks, whatever you feel like doing after all the old ways, but sometimes it is good to dry something new especially with our brothers. 

  1. Surprise him with a party

Usually on Raksha Bandhan everybody gathers together and it always feels like a party. But this time you can surprise him by actually getting all the family members and if you have multiple brothers then well and good so you can ask everybody in advance that you will be surprising them and maybe send them into a different friends place and later on when they come to the house you can keep the entire party and celebration ready for them. Another way to do this is by surprising him with a Flower delivery in Mumbai and telling him that you can’t make it this year, whilst preparing for a party in a nearby place. 

  1. Collection of songs for brother

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Your brother would love to have certain songs that are dedicated in person only to him and they are also amazing and emotional at the same time. Because even though it may seem like a simple collection of songs but actually these are your emotions that you’re putting forth in front of your brother there is no way that he would not like this beautiful present.

  1. Handmade rakhi

If you remember wiggly in school we all used to make Rakhi as there were many competitions held for all of us on Raksha Bandhan and we would try to make the best rakhi and tie that to our brothers on Raksha Bandhan or offer that to God. Now the times have changed and lots of different elements have been introduced into the rakhi but since you’re quite old enough you can make a beautiful rakhi by yourself as there are many tutorials available online and this would be the most special thing that you can do for your brother this year. If he’s not living with you then sending beautiful flowers for him with rakhi is an amazing gift.