This Year’s Popular Lehenga Colours by Swarajshop

This Year's Popular Lehenga Colours by Swarajshop

We all look forward to the wedding season with immeasurable enthusiasm and total restlessness. Which attire is appropriate for the chief ceremony? What shades of colour would look appropriate for the mehndi ceremony? Should I do something a little bit risky? When we start that exhausting shopping binge, these are just a few of the questions that immediately come to mind. But let’s get straight to the point, ladies: the most crucial element that we frequently overlook in a time of hurry and bustle is the colour scheme of our ethnic attire and the jewellery that goes with it.

As your personal guardian angel, we at Swarajshop offer to you a selection of lehenga colour schemes that will live up to the hype this wedding season.


The beautiful shades of deep wine are a current preoccupation of the new generation of brides and ethnic enthusiasts. They rule the wedding market with their supreme colour shade that somehow resides between dark purple and blood red. While deep crimson and mahogany provide them access to their humble and time-honored Indian marital traditions, the subtle tipsiness of the new bright colour adds to the ensemble’s enticing and daring qualities.

These two aspects in Swarajshop’s Handloom Wine Pure Katan Silk Banarasi Lehenga With Silver Meenakari properly complement one another as opposed to working in opposition to one another, transforming a timid woman into a powerful feminine creature who takes over everything she desires! This gorgeous lehenga is a heavenly pleasure, embellished with deft zari interlacing and silver flower embellishments.


Making a significant investment in a lehenga in pink or purple, especially for the wedding of the year, is one of those things that you can never go wrong with! What better approach to construct an ethnic costume when it comes to our rigorously skilled staff at Swarajshop than the feminine colour palettes of pink and purple, when handcrafted in an inventive style?

A breathtaking combination of a rani pink lehenga and a purple dupatta, this masterpiece Handloom Rani Pink Banarasi Katan Silk KadhwaShikargah Lehenga is covered in intricate Shikargarh designs of flora and animals. This lehenga, made of solid gold alloy, celebrates its rich Indian history while also evoking a contemporary summerdesi girl look.


Every shade of green exudes a luxuriant, elegant, and refined quality that accentuates the cluster-free, exquisite aesthetic of the Indian ethnic costume.

Green provides a rich scent of vividness to the traditionality of bridal traditions and shows to be a bold and unquestionably the perfect choice for your stunning wedding gown, whether it be the regal depth of a dexterous dark green lehenga or the relaxing aura of an unfussy Patel green colour palette. Swarajshop’s two distinct hues of green, each conflicting yet satisfying in its own way, are presented to you as a tribute to this.


Introducing Swarajshop’s creative colour combinations because why use just one when you can use two? With its thick zari borders and dual shades of dupatta and lehenga, our very captivating assortment of dual coloured lehengas is a delight for the eyes and the spirit.


The colour scheme of white and beige is the most tranquil and lovely. Who wouldn’t like to look as shiny as a white swan on a significant wedding day? Combining an uncluttered aesthetic of off white with the thick zari border of floral designs is unquestionably a decision worth making. The team at Swarajshop has put up a stunning array of light pastel colours in addition to white that will keep you cool, breezy, and stylish at a summer wedding.THE CELEBRATION OF RED Ritual

No wedding would be complete without a dash of red, as we all know. Red is everything—it’s the symbol of both modesty and bravery, the height of flaming sex allure, and a seductive atmosphere. With this in mind, we present to you our Red Handloom Pure Katan Silk Bharatpur Shikargah Banarasi Lehenga with a fine meticulous blood red shade, embellished with a heavy gold zari interlacing.


What would be a better colour to wear on such a wonderful event as a wedding? Yellow is the colour of youth, of agility, something that is hard to forget. The thriving selection of yellow and mustard colours from Swarajshop is appropriate for the entire chain of events, including sangeet and haldi, in addition to the main event.